Comprehensive Plan



The purpose of a Comprehensive Plan is intended to express the City’s overall community vision for growth and development over the next 10-15 years and to identify actions that can achieve that vision.  The new Comprehensive Plan has eight chapters.  The first two chapters cover the Plan Overview process and a snapshot of Fultondale Today; chapters 3-7 each cover a different topic as follows:  Future Land Use, Transportation and Mobility, Code Enforcement and Reform, Livability and Public Services, and Parks and Green Systems.  Each chapter provides a list of recommended actions for implementation.

The development of the new Future Land Use Map was a direct result of public input as well as multiple work sessions with the project team and one work session with the Planning Commission.  The new Future Land Use map is parcel-based and is a long-range tool intended to guide future zoning decisions.  It recommends a range of potentially appropriate land uses and development intensities.   The Future Land Use Map strives to balance the desires of current residents and the needs of future residents by concentrating development along U.S. 31 and Walker Chapel Road, providing areas for additional residential development, and preserving agricultural institutional land uses.  

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