License & Taxes

Business licenses for 2024 will be handled through Avenu Insights. 

To Obtain a Business License Click Here
Please direct your inquiries to the following:
Phone number is Toll Free Phone: (800) 556-7274

State of Alabama License


You can obtain a State of Alabama license for business directly via your local county probate office.

Jefferson County Business License


If you require a Jefferson County business license, you can apply for one here today.




For further information on incorporation and the processes needed to establish your business, visit the link below here.

Sales & Use Taxes


Jefferson Country Revenue Department provides detailed information on sales and use tax as collected by the State of Alabama.
For more information, call the department at (205) 325-5195.


Revenue Discovery Systems collects the Sales & Use taxes for the City of Fultondale.

Address - 2317 Third Avenue North, Suite 200 Birmingham, AL 35203
Phone - (800) 556-7274
Fax - (205) 423-4099

state of alabama

The State of Alabama collects the Sales & Use taxes the State of Alabama.

Contact Jefferson County Revenue Department for information on county sales and use taxes.
Phone - (205) 325-5195

Property Tax


Property taxes for the city of Fultondale are charged based on State and Jefferson Country property tax requirements. In total, the City of Fultondale has a 5 mills ad valorem property tax.

Important Contacts


Jefferson County Occupational Tax: (205) 325-5183

Property Tax : (205) 325-5500

river's License & Car Tags:
Birmingham Courthouse (205) 325-5188
North Jefferson Satellite (205) 716-1700

Business License:

Birmingham Courthouse (205) 325-5180
North Jefferson Satellite (205) 716-1700

Marriage License:
(205) 325-5182

Hunting and Fishing License:
(205) 325-5188

For further information, get in touch with the City of Fultondale at (205) 841-4481