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Court is held the 1st & 3rd Thursday of each month at 8:30


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Do you have a fine or court costs to pay for?
Our online payment service makes it easy to complete payment online without arranging cash or money order.

Payment Information


If you choose to plead guilty to a minor violation before a Magistrate, there may be no need for you to make a court appearance. You agree to pay designated court fees and fines as defined by the fee schedule in these cases. These fees can be paid in person, by mail, or through our online payment system. If you choose to pay in person, this must be during regular office hours, and you will need to supply identification at payment.

Payment methods accepted include debit and credit cards, cash, or money orders.
We do not accept personal checks, and we recommend never sending cash via the mail system.

Download our fee schedule here for the most up-to-date standard charges through the municipal court system.



For misdemeanor offenses, the Municipal Court Magistrate may choose to issue a warrant of arrest. For this process to start, the incident must first be reported to the police department to create an incident report. From there, the police can then refer the complainant to the municipal court.

The Magistrate can then place the complainant under oath and request a sworn written statement. It will be determined whether sufficient evidence is available to establish probable cause of an offense being committed. If confirmed, a warrant of arrest will then be issued. As part of this process, the complainant will be required to give testimony in court. Defendants in these cases will be able to make bond in line with the specifics of the current bond schedule.

Public Records Request


Do you need access to public records of a specific case?
You can download a request form here.

Plea of Guilty Waiver


If you choose to file a plea of guilty with the municipal court, you can download a digital copy of the form here.


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