Parks & Recreation



The City of Fultondale is proud to offer a wide range of different outdoor park spaces, from manicured recreational facilities to wilder outdoor spaces perfect for hikes and dog walks. Our 5 distinct parks are designed with parties, reunions, and outdoor fun in mind.

Bench in the park, at the foot of the pedestrian path. Rear view.



We offer both pavilion and field rentals to Fultondale citizens, ideal for parties, events, and sporting activities in the city


With half-day and full-day rental on pavilions in our beautiful parks, you can plan an upcoming birthday party or family event in one of our green spaces. We allow tents for rental spaces, as well as a limit of one inflatable to enhance your party even further. While we don’t offer rental of the pavilion in Children’s Park, you can opt to rent the picnic pads instead.



Get the most out of our well-maintained fields with practice and all-day rentals in our sporting spaces. Whether you have a planned event or you simply want extra practice time, hiring our field with or without lights is the ideal option. Please note that our Youth Sports club holds priority over rentals, and no animals are allowed on the ball fields.

Youth Sports


Sports are a big part of life in Fultondale, and we ensure there’s plenty of well-maintained outdoor spaces for regular practice sessions and events. Whether you’re interested in Soccer or Baseball, Cheerleading, or Football, we have a Youth Sports club that’s best suited to your child.

Rules & Regulations


To keep our parks safe and usable for all our citizens, we have specific rules for those using our outdoor spaces. These include:

  • Acquiring and bringing a permit for any pavilion events
  • No alcohol or tobacco in the parks
  • No crude or indecent behavior
  • No parking or use of motorized vehicles around the park
  • No horses or ponies
  • No water slides or water inflatables, with a limit of one on standard inflatables
  • Pets must be leashed unless they are in the Bark Park and controlled and cleaned up after anywhere around the parks
  • Pavilions, picnic pads, and picnic tables should be cleaned, and all trash disposed of appropriately
  • Picnic parties on the Children's Park picnic pads are limited to between 7-35 guests
  • There are no refunds on “rained out” or canceled permits

Signs are available with information on the rules and regulations around all park areas in addition.